How to install stainless steel handle

In our daily life, stainless steel handle is a very common hardware product. Most of them are used on doors and windows, cabinets, etc. it is convenient for us to open and close doors and windows, cabinets, etc. now our requirements for iron handle are not only good quality, but also beautiful. For beauty, not only its shape, but also the beauty of our installation. How to Only when the stainless steel handle is installed can it be beautiful. Let's see how the stainless steel handle manufacturer arranges to install the handle correctly:

1. Generally, only one stainless steel handle is used in a set of furniture (try to use stainless steel handle with the same material, appearance and model). (stainless steel box buckle)

2. In a set of furniture, the horizontal and vertical installation of stainless steel handle is generally uniform (including the shape and direction of single hole handle), but the drawer panel, up door and down door handle are all horizontally installed.

3. There are two kinds of handle installation height of drawer panel, which are installed in the center of panel height or at the same height from the panel edge.

4. The handle of drawer panel, down door, up door and door panel with door accessories is generally installed in the width center of the door panel, and the handle of door panel is generally installed on the side away from the hinge.

5. The stainless steel handle of the upper cabinet door panel is installed under the door panel, the handle of the lower cabinet door panel is installed above the door panel, and the installation position of the handle of the high cabinet door panel shall be convenient for use.

6. When installing the iron handle on the door panel with modeling surface (such as solid wood door panel), attention should be paid to the feasibility of the handle installation.

7. When installing the stainless steel handle, the distance between the side hole of the handle and the plate edge is generally 45mm.